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English Overview

At Kings Norton Primary School we recognise that literacy skills are fundamental to life, enabling children to communicate confidently, effectively and successfully.  We want to ensure our children are able to listen, speak, read and write for a range of purposes.  We aim to deliver a high-quality English curriculum where children first and foremost enjoy English language and literature and are able to use and apply the knowledge, understanding and skills they have acquired in a range of enjoyable and purposeful contexts.

Our English curriculum is organised around texts which are carefully matched to compliment our themes. From these texts, high quality lessons for reading and writing are delivered. 

Maths at Kings Norton Primary School

White Rose Maths is used across school to support with the delivery of our progressive maths curriculum. White Rose materials are created by specialist maths teachers and are being constantly developed in response to national requirements. Every year group at Kings Norton has at least daily maths lessons with additional learning opportunities for times tables in Years 3 and 4. 

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Curriculum Overview

In addition to English and Maths, our learners receive a broad and balanced range of all other subjects as identified in the National Curriculum. See below for how these have been mapped across school. 

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