Intent, Implementation & Impact Report for Science


The intent of the science provision at Kings Norton Primary School is to develop pupils' curiosity, interest, and enthusiasm for science, starting in the Early years foundation stage through to Year 6 and beyond. With lessons delivered weekly, it aims to lay a solid foundation of scientific knowledge and skills, fostering a deep understanding of the subject and encouraging pupils to ask questions and explore the world around them. 

The science curriculum is focused on equipping pupils with the scientific literacy and knowledge required to thrive in our ever-changing world, while also nurturing a love for the subject that extends beyond the classroom, into the wider community and world. 


Curriculum Design and Sequencing

Quality Teaching and Learning

Cross-Curricular Links

Enrichment and Extension


Attainment and Progress

Pupil Engagement and Attitudes

Skills and Knowledge

Inclusivity and Equity

Aspirations and Future Pathways