Intent, Implementation & Impact Statement for History


History at Kings Norton inspires pupils to be curious about the past - both locally and globally. 

We offer a wide and ambitious history curriculum. It emphasises the interconnectedness of people and places throughout history, including the contributions made by seldom-heard communities. We explore the varying experiences of different people through time.

At Kings Norton we strive to add colour to the palette of history study by exposing children to the richness and complexity of different topics through engaging teaching, lesson content and resources. 

The skills taught in our history curriculum embolden children to enquire and evaluate varying, and sometimes conflicting sources of information. Information is presented with no judgement - fostering critical thought by presenting facts and events to children for them to engage with. 

Through our broad curriculum, engaging lesson content and repeated encounters with complex and abstract ideas,we familiarise students with how historians analyse the past to develop their own accounts and arguments.By doing so, we prepare our students with the requisite, higher-order skills necessary for their journey into secondary school as well as developing their ability to make sense of the world around them. 


Our journey through the history curriculum begins in Reception. Kings Norton’s Early Years curriculum has a child-led approach. Through child initiated activities, abstract concepts are introduced to our pupils which enable them to be prepared for the curriculum that is to come later in their primary education. 

All students experience a creative and engaging series of lessons which involves the repeated teaching and learning of skills through the lens of 3 underpinning concepts: trade, innovation and power. 

Lessons are thoughtfully planned, presented and sequenced to ensure students engage with manageable chunks of information.  Concepts are revisited and built upon as our children move through the curriculum, ensuring that children are ready for the next stage of meaningful learning.

Our students use knowledge organisers to support their learning and to understand what is expected of them by the end of each unit. 


At Kings Norton, students produce a range of outcomes which are formatively assessed by teachers. Progress is closely monitored with gaps and misconceptions addressed through interventions and pre-tutoring. 

Students also undertake structured quizzes which focus on specific knowledge.  These low-stake forms of summative assessment allow students to show what they have learned, showcase their higher-order thinking and also assist teachers in addressing any misconceptions within the class.

At Kings Norton, our children will complete their journey in year 6 by having a rich knowledge of the chronology of civilisations and events as well as being able to explain how these topics fit together in the wider context of history.